The Directors, Officers, and entire staff welcome you to The First National Bank of Groton. If you are an existing customer, you know that we provide the best traditional personal banking service around. If you are considering becoming a customer, you will learn that we are very much committed to our corporate mission: “Customers for Life, One Day at a Time”

Board of Directors

Karl Stamm


Chris Dempsey


Gary Smith


Steve Gobel

Director, President & Chief Executive Officer

Gary Watrous

Director, Senior Vice President

Roxanne Genson



Stephen Gobel

Chief Executive Officer

Alan Christopher

Senior Vice President

Norma Samson

Senior Vice President
Senior Operations & Technology Officer

Kathleen Barnes

Senior Vice President
Audit and Compliance

Andrew Gobel

Senior Vice President
Chief Financial Officer

Karen Whatman

Vice President


Laura Lash

Assistant Vice President

Finance Officer

Matthew DeGraw

Assistant Vice President

Lending/Customer Service

Moravia Office Manager

Andrew Miller

Assistant Vice President

Lending/Customer Service

Nicholas Brown

Retail Banking Officer

Matthew Palmer

Credit Risk Officer

Carolyn Burkhard

Customer Services Officer

Elizabeth Sears

Human Resources Officer

Gabriel Petrella

Internal Audit Officer